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Soil investigation involves the investigation at the surface and subsurface that acquiring all types of ground information or data effecting design and construction of the project. It is carried out at early of the building project to obtain information on the physical properties of soil and rock around a site. The investigation of the geology and previous uses of any site, together with the determination of its engineering, environmental and contamination characteristics is fundamental to both safe and economic development.




Our Construction Materials experience in ground engineering and materials technology to provide the highly specialized services of geologist’s materials and pavement engineers field, laboratory technicians and technologists during your construction project. We combine the capabilities materials testing laboratories located throughout the country with our onsite engineers, construction specialists and technicians to provide the hands-on quality control necessary to successfully meet construction specifications, timelines and budgets. 




We are the Solutions Experts, Concrete is a composite construction material made primarily with aggregate, cement, and water. There are many formulations of concrete, which provide varied properties, and concrete is the most-used man-made product in the world. We are a trusted entity engaged in rendering Concrete Strength Testing Services to our esteemed clients. These services help in determining the strength of the concrete and other construction.




Asphalt and asphalt materials are tested to industry quality standards and for R&D support. Asphalt laboratories perform analysis to global, industry and regulatory standards, Asphalt quality control, quality assurance, and related expertise are provided. Asphalt lab delivers prompt, quality testing. Professional asphalt quality testing is also available in county. Asphalt materials testing include roofing and viscosity grading and asphalt binder testing. Asphalt cargo inspection services are available on a global basis.



Coring operations have been successfully conducted in areas where logistics are difficult and we have demonstrated the ability to efficiently maintain proper equipment levels even in critical unpredictable periods of coring program change. Experience and quality of our team players is the key to our success and an integral part of a continuing development program, in addition to the unique mastering of performing the following.

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